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    First, thanks for the support!

    1. yes – that is true and we are actually in the middle of a full overhaul of Track Attack, where we are making explicit support of other vehicle types (Motorcycles, Karts and Boats). We are targeting a July release of this update and will be worth the wait! :)

    2. We do have Assen in the database, using these coordinates:

    52.962352, 6.524049

    Make sure to update the track database on your phone in the settings page.

    3. We are working on creating official sectors to the definition of tracks and should have that done by end of this summer. However, you can download the Track Attack companion app on Windows 8.1 and 10 laptops/tablets/PC’s. Check out our how-to videos on our YouTube channel (search for @trackattackapp) – you can create your own segments. :)

    4. Yes – we know it works mostly on Windows 10 but there are some issues here and there. The reason is that the code was originally written for Windows 8 and 8.1. However, as part of our overhaul, we are writing as a Windows 10 universal app which will make it much more stable on Windows 10 and open up a ton of new features. Thanks in advance for the patience!

    We actually cannot fix those Windows Phone 10 bugs or issues until we re-write in the Windows 10 Universal App environment so it would be the same turn around time.

    Can you respond or Facebook message us other tracks we should add? It is super easy.

    in reply to: Windows Phone – App Crashes when Go Pro Selected #1591

    Hi Korey,
    No problem! We had another user have a similar issue and it looks like it is because it is connected to a GoPro Hero 3 or Session. Right now the app only supports GoPro Hero 4 Silver or Black.

    When it is connected to other versions, it doesn’t work because it is trying to connect to internet services through that GoPro network, which doesn’t work.

    We are working on Hero 3 and Session support and should have it out in ~1.5 months.

    Let us know if this isn’t the root cause and we’ll investigate further.



    in reply to: iOS: iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ #1581

    Hi Alan,
    I think this came up during a 3-5 hour period where our web service went down but were not alerted by Azure. It was restored that same calendar day (depending on where you are located).

    Please let us know if not.


    in reply to: iOS Update – Version 2.12 with GoPro Support #1511

    Forgot to mention but since the question has come up, right now it only supports Hero 4 Silver and Black cameras, not Hero 3 or Hero Session.

    We will move next to support Hero Session and though it still might work right now, we are not guaranteeing it because there are a couple of weird ways the Session works.

    Hi Don,
    Do you not see those sessions listed on the site or on your phone?


    in reply to: Dual XPS150A External GPS Bluetooth #1001

    Update as of Monday, September 14th – the Track Attack 2.8 build has been approved by Apple which now includes compatibility with Dual XGPS150A device!

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