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    Current Version: Version 2.5.3

    Is supported on Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and 10.  Note, Windows Phone 7 is not supported.

    Known Issues

    • Error message when viewing history if no data connection.  App does not crash but an error message pops up.
    • When a session is being played and the video is stored online only, going to the next or previous lap does not work.  User must exit the view where the video is playing, go to Session History and select another lap.
    • Data file (.csv) export does not include accelerometer data.
    • Driver and Car Profile Picture: Users are not able to change their user or car profile pictures, even if they have set one on their profile page on
    • GoPro: If a session generates a video file that is larger than 4GB’s, multiple videos are created by the GoPro camera for a given session.  TA cannot currently handle multiple videos per session.
      • Work around steps:
        1. Take SIM Card out of GoPro and into a computer
        2. Identify the multiple videos associated with the session
        3. Use a video editing software, such as Windows Movie Maker
        4. Import the multiple video files, in order, so that if you played the video in the video editing software, it would play in the correct chronological order.
        5. Export or save the file, in .mp4 format at a video quality setting that results in a video that is less than 4GB’s in size.
        6. Name the file the exact name of the first GoPro video file.  GoPro uses e naming convention below.  It is the 0,1,2 after the ‘GOPR’ that denotes the order of the video for a given session.  The XX are placeholders but for a given session, they will have the same file name.
          So name the file, the exact name of the first video ‘GOPR00XX.mp4’:

          • File 1:GOPR00XX
          • File 2:GOPR10XX
          • File 3:GOPR20XX
        7. Transfer the new file, back into the SD card.
        8. Delete all the other files for the particular session associated with the other videos.  This includes the metadata files that are named the same.
        9. End result is that you should have one video file for the session that is a combination of the multiple files and the corresponding other two metadata files.
        10. Put the SD card back in the phone.
        11. Make sure your phone and the GoPro camera are connected via WiFi.
        12. Open Track Attack, go to that particular session and in the advanced menu options, select ‘download video again’.
        13. Once the transfer is completed, you should be able to playback any of the laps and the entire session on the phone, with the GoPro video.





    Joeri S.

    This app looks promising! I am going to test it out this weekend on the Nurburgring. Will post some feedback after that.


    Bruce Allen

    trackattackapp no longer works with windows phones; even Windows 10. In spite of the writing on the Web site. Cannot make connection and that does not allow much of anything to work.


    Bruno Lucidarme

    I’ve sent multiple inquiries since 9/30/16 with no response. I will be disputing the charge since the app is useless on my Windows phone.


    nik kol

    Hi I have just payed for the app for my win10 phone but i cant connect it
    What can i do ??
    Is this app for windows phones or not ??
    Why do you advertise it if its not working ??
    Can i get my money back??

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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