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    Korey Inglin


    First off, thank you for releasing this great app for Windows Phone. It has all of the features I am looking for in my track app.

    I can’t get the app to work, however, when my phone is connected to the GoPro. When connected to the GoPro, I can go to start a session – but no tracks are found, even if I am standing right on top of the track that I have previously inserted into the APP. Furthermore, if I try to create a track, it will tell me that there was an error creating track. When I am brought to the session screen, the phone displays “Error – Timed out” and then does nothing. You can’t press the start session button. If you go up to the video selection menu and choose “Go Pro” it will say “Go Pro Connected” but then will not display the video as anticipated.

    Basically, nothing really works when connected to the GoPro – but when I disconnect from the GoPro wifi, everything begins working again as expected. Using on Lumia Icon 928.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated since the only reason I really wanted to buy the app was to take advantage of its GoPro capabilities.



    Hi Korey,
    No problem! We had another user have a similar issue and it looks like it is because it is connected to a GoPro Hero 3 or Session. Right now the app only supports GoPro Hero 4 Silver or Black.

    When it is connected to other versions, it doesn’t work because it is trying to connect to internet services through that GoPro network, which doesn’t work.

    We are working on Hero 3 and Session support and should have it out in ~1.5 months.

    Let us know if this isn’t the root cause and we’ll investigate further.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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