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    Scope: All apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and website


    • Android: Code complete.  In the android version, there is a ‘Tracks’ page that shows all available tracks locally, enables the user to synchronize the database with the server database and select any track.  For each track, there is the GPS coordinates used, a mapping image to show the approximate location of the GPS coordinates (note, these are pictures generated by Google Maps and not the actual map, so some of them may look inaccurate) and a leaderboard for each track.  Further, each lap time is selectable so that you can view the session details for that lap time but you cannot currently play a session or lap that belongs to someone else.
    • Windows Phone: Code Complete – same functionality as the Android version but it does not have a leaderboard.   That is coming by end of December.
    • iOS: Not started but on the roadmap.  Development is planned for late-September and expected release in October 2015.
    • Website: Development is underway with expected release in early October 2015.
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