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    It’s the evening after your track day or weekend and you have a ton of awesome on-track footage you want to share with friends and family.  There are several ways you can share your experience but one key way is to upload your data to the site, have it stored (for free) and be able to share the video+data layer (combined) with one click.  No video editing skills or software needed.

    Step 1: Connect your phone to a reliable WiFi connection.

    You’re likely going to be uploading a 20 minute or longer, video so you’ll want to hook up to the fastest internet connection available and have your phone as close to the router as possible.  All of this is to minimize any potential noise in the data transfer.

    Step 2: Plug your phone in to a power source and close down any other apps you have open in the background.

    At the end of the day, Track Attack is still an app that runs on an operating system that serves many purposes.  It has to share resources with the base operating system and your email app, messenger app, photos, etc… so the more things you have open and running, the less resources it has available.

    Step 3: Launch Track Attack.

    Once it is open, go to the Upload screen and there you will see all of the sessions which were recorded on that specific device and are available to be uploaded.  Hit ‘Upload All’.  TA will then start queuing up the available sessions and uploading them.

    Step 4: Upload progression.

    There are three stages the upload process goes through:

    1. Metadata – first the app will upload the session metadata, which includes the track you drove, lap times, when it was recorded, top speeds, low speeds, averages, etc…

    2. GPS Raw Data – then it will upload the raw GPS data points which are needed to play back the session online.  Most phones sample one time per second (e.g. 1Hz) but if you are using an external GPS unit, it will be sampling at either 5 or 10Hz, thus the metadata file will be larger.  Don’t worry though, even at 10Hz, the file won’t be huge.

    3. Video Upload – finally, the video will begin to be uploaded.  The video is broken down into many ‘blocks’ which are uploaded and tracked one at a time.  The video upload time will vary depending on your internet speed and file size.  Generally, in Seattle, WA with Comcast high speed internet, in the evenings (lower internet loads in the area) it has taken about 30-45 minutes to upload 1GB of video.  The app will show the % of upload until it gets to 100% and then it will move to ‘processing’ stage.

    Step 5: Video Processing

    Once all the necessary components have been uploaded, the server has what it needs to cut up your original video into individual laps (if applicable) and display the correct data overlay for each lap or the entire session.

    This process goes through a few stages which aren’t exposed to you as a user but you can follow the processing % for each session on the site.  The time for this process also varies depending the length of the video and file size.  Generally, within 30 minutes, most all sessions have been processed.

    Step 6: Completion and ready to view/share online

    Once everything is processed, you’ll see an orange play button next to your session and/or each lap.  That means your session is all set and you can share with people via Facebook or through the session specific URL.

    I got an error message – what do I do?

    Stuff can happen where you end up with error in the processing.  We have worked out most of the issues but new things can and will come up.  Let us know by emailing us at



    Don Gorney

    I have Track Attack Pro on my phone and the videos that I uploaded from previous sessions are missing. I don’t even see my driver or car information listed. What does all of this mean?


    Hi Don,
    Do you not see those sessions listed on the site or on your phone?



    Ed Wiertel

    I have the same problem, uploaded Fun Runs, I can select each of the Fun Runs on the web site and they indicate they are 100% processes but the video only displays the word “Loading …”. I never get the video.

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