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    This thread is dedicated to providing feedback on the new Track Attack Analytics Beta app – available on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 PC’s.


    Steve Danielson

    I am liking it so far. On some of my sessions (Road Atlanta this past weekend) the video lags 3.1 seconds behind the data. I can synchronize it in the new beta app, but when I play back, it seems to use the video start point and so it plays the last 3.1 seconds of the previous lap, then the full lap but skips 3.1 seconds off the end. That’s ok, but when I try to compare different laps from two sessions (the other session was from last June, and the video lagged only 1 second behind the data), there does not seem to be a way to sync the two data traces together, one starts 3.1 seconds before start/finish line and the other one starts 1 second before the start finish line.

    I was hoping that I could synchronize video/data on the first lap of a session and have it carry through to the other laps, and also cause the video to start at the start/finish line. Same thing, when I go to create segments for a track, segment 1 starts 3.1 seconds before the finish line. There may be a chance that I am doing something wrong and I am going to watch the training videos right now :)

    Great by the way, awesome to see the data for my laps and see how some of my braking profiles are, or like during and through turn 6 at Road Atlanta I should be accelerating right up through to the braking point for 7 and often I am not :) Hard to see in the video but very easy to see on the data line :)

    I am loving it so far, my one feedback would be a way to correct the video/data synchronization at the time that I record my session and before I upload to TrackAttack (Windows Phone) – then I think this issue would resolve itself in the Data Analytics app.


    Charles Hurley

    Awesome feedback! We got it on the list for the first update which is coming out by end of December.


    Dave Hagopian

    I want to like this app. Trial version seemed interesting. Since bought the $15 version. Unsatisfied with multiple errors uploading, adding driver or car profiles, and lack of real-time instruction. I have used the app on two separate track days with inconsistent results…actually the trial version was better, that’s not good. Sent emails to track attack and awaiting response and resolution. Thank you, Dave


    Bruno Lucidarme

    Don’t hold your breath. I tried contacting them on multiple occasions and never received any response whatsoever.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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