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    We heard from our users that the faster they can initiate the recording of a session, the better. So we leveraged the Pin to Start and Live Tile functionality of Windows Phone and created ‘Pin Tracks to Start’.

    Literally, with this set up, you can start recording a session with one touch and in less than a few seconds. Check it out and let us know what you think!

    You will also see in the Session History page, after you select a session or a given lap, there will be a ‘Pin to Start’ button.  The functionality is exactly the same – if you pin that to start, it will create a shortcut on your home screen where when you select that session or lap, it will take you automatically to that session or lap.

    As we outlined in the video, we created a folder in the Home screen of the WP and hold all of our regular tracks there, so it’s super easy to show up to a track and get a session going.

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