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    This week a big update was approved and should be hitting your phones.  We’ve been working on some time now to enable compatibility with GoPro cameras.  The first version is finally done!

    With this release, if you own a GoPro Hero 4 Silver or Black, you can now use the camera as your video source for your sessions.  Doing so is easy:

    1. Download the GoPro official app from the Apple App Store
    2. Connect your phone to the camera through the standard GoPro process
    3. Once you can connect to the camera through the GoPro app and can see the live preview, everything is set for Track Attack to use the camera as the main video source
    4. Launch Track Attack and go to record any type of session
    5. Once you get to the Record screen, you’ll see a new video source value on the screen which will show a value of GoPro.  That means the app is set up and ready to go.
      • If you see a value of Internal, that means the camera is not connected to your phone.  Go back and confirm your phone and camera are connected via WiFi.
      • IMG_0663
    6. As soon as you hit ‘Start’ or Auto-Start begins the session recording, you’ll hear the beep from the GoPro (unless you turned the sounds off in the GoPro settings) and see that blinking red light that indicates the camera is recording.
    7. When you hit ‘Stop’ – you’ll hear a double beep from the camera indicating the camera has stopped recording.
    8. Then Track Attack will ask you if you want to transfer the video from the GoPro now or later.  If you decide to transfer then, you’ll see a progress indicator.  The time to transfer will vary a little depending on the phone, distance between the phone and camera and the size of the video file.  Generally, if you can’t leave the phone to transfer for up to 10 mins, best to do the transfer later.
    9. If you decide to transfer the file later, just make sure the phone and camera are connected via WiFi and go to the specific session you want to transfer.  You will see a GoPro button in the menu options and you can start the transfer.

    Once the video is on your phone, you can playback a session just like before.  You can also export a lap from the session like before.

    This I really cool and on iOS, it’s one of the smoothest experiences.

    Known issue: This the first release because there is one issue we are working on that you might encounter.  There is an inherent file size limitation in the FAT32 file system that SD cards typically use and GoPro requires, where the largest file size that can exist is 4GB’s.  You may have noticed this if you’ve used a GoPro in the past.  Basically, if your session ends up creating a GoPro video file that is larger than 4GB’s, you’ll end up with multiple video files.  The problem is that TA right now can only handle one video file per session.  This is what we are working on and are shooting to have out in the next few weeks.

    Workaround: Luckily, there is something you can do about this, though it’s a little manual.

    1. Grab the SD card from the camera and put it into your computer.
    2. Look for the videos that make up that one session.
    3. In a video editing program, combine the two videos into one video.
    4. Make sure to name this new video the exact file name of the first video, that were recorded by GoPro.
    5. Also make sure to save/produce the video with video settings that result in a video that is smaller than 4GB’s.
    6. Put that video back into the SD card, replacing the original video one.
    7. Put the SD card back in the camera and transfer the video to the session as described above.

    That’s it!  Now you can playback, upload and export the video.


    One last tip you can do is change the video settings on the GoPro to record at 720p and 30 fps.  This will still give you an awesome video and being down the size of the video.

    We usually found that a 25 minute session would typically come in just under 4GB’s with this setting and a 1 hour race would result in about 10GB of video, across 3 files.


    Forgot to mention but since the question has come up, right now it only supports Hero 4 Silver and Black cameras, not Hero 3 or Hero Session.

    We will move next to support Hero Session and though it still might work right now, we are not guaranteeing it because there are a couple of weird ways the Session works.

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