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    We’re super excited to announce this feature that many of you have been asking for a long time. Finally, you are now able to export videos from the website that combines the video and data layers into one file.

    With this, you can go download the video, edit your own movies, share on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, your sponsors, etc…

    Those of you who have the iPhone version of Track Attack know that today in that version, you can export a single lap at a time. On the other platforms, that capability doesn’t exist. The reason is that the process to combine the two layers and re-encode into a new file is really intensive, taking a little longer than the actual lap length. Some of the newer phones can handle this well and this will improve in the future as hardware gets even better but the best place to make this happen is in the massive server farm that is ‘the cloud’.

    We’ve taken this feature and put it on the cloud where we technically have near limitless resources to process and store the newly created video files.

    So how do you do it?

    First, you have to record a session and upload that session to the site. Check out the Track Attack Forum for the article on How-To Upload your videos.

    Once the video is uploaded, it’s available for playback and sharing on the site directly. At this stage, we still have two separate video and data layers, being played in real time.

    Log into your account, go to your ‘Me’ page and select the session that you want to export.

    Notice the new button underneath the player. That button will have three different stages:

    1. Before you request a video export, it will look like this.
    2. After you request it, the button will change and not be accessible until the video export job is completed.
    3. After the video export job is completed, you will get an email letting you know and you will have a link to go to that specific session, on your ME page and download the video.
    4. Let the download process happen and then you’re all set.       Your video is ready to go!

    That’s it! Now you can do whatever you want with this video!

    This feature is in beta status right now as we want to watch how people use it, look out for bugs, stabilize performance and make tweaks as needed.

    Let us know what you think in the comments below, email us at trackattacksupport@9104studios, post a message for us on Facebook or Twitter @trackattackapp and tell your friends!

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