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    It’s Thursday and you’re looking forward to an awesome day or full weekend of on-track gloriousness! Whether you are doing a track day or a full wheel to wheel race, there’s a bunch of stuff on the list to prep.

    One thing that you are probably thinking about but that is easy as 1, 2, 3 is how to record a session on Track Attack. This article is intended to help get you and your phone ready to record a lap-based session (road racing, oval racing, rally-x or whatever other shenanigans you’re driving).

    Before getting to the track:

    1. Make sure Track Attack is downloaded on your phone. Track Attack is free to download and try 3 times before buying.
    2. Make sure you’re registered with a user name.
    3. Go to settings and pick your preferences:
      • Set the video quality you want for your sessions, if you’re recording video. Check the amount of available storage you have on your phone and estimate how much space you’ll need based on the # of sessions you are going to run.
      • Decide if you want to use ‘Auto-Start’ feature. This is super helpful in that it will initiate video and data recording automatically, once you hit the designated speed. Note – you’ll still have to hit ‘Stop’ at the end of your session.
      • Download/update the Track Database! Many tracks have shotty data connections because they are more remote, so when you download the Track Database, you will have everything you need to be able to record sessions without a data connection.
    4. For Windows and Android phones, you can ‘pin to start’ or create ‘widgets’ for the track you are going to drive so that you can initiate a session recording with one click from your home page!
    5. Double check connections to your accessories. Some of you are using external GPS devices for data sampling at 5 or 10hz and GoPro cameras (Windows Phone only right now). Double check they have been paired and are showing the right status’ on the recording screens.

    That’s it! To be honest, we personally do #4 for all the tracks we typically race and #5 each morning. Sometimes, the external GPS lose the pairing relationship with the phone (not the app) and need to be re-paired. This appears to happen maybe once a month or so.

    Before heading out to pre-grid:

    You’re at the track and ready to head out to your session. Here’s what you should do to get your session started:

    1. GPS check – we rely on GPS signals to accurately tell you what tracks are nearby and record data. To jump start the accuracy of your GPS, launch your default mapping app and hit the button to center on your current location.
    2. Launch Track Attack.
    3. Select your session type (Road Course in this example).
    4. Select your race track.
    5. Hit Start AFTER the GPS accuracy turns green OR have your ‘Auto-Start’ feature turned on.
    6. As soon as you hit the designated speed (if Auto-start is on) and cross the start/finish line, lap timing will reset.
    7. Each time you pass the start/finish line, your lap time will flash for 5 seconds.
    8. Hit stop when you get off track or pass through the checkered flag.

    That’s it! TA will take you to the session summary page for that session. If you recorded video, you can immediately playback any of the laps you drove.



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