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    Steve Danielson

    I am looking at the GoPro Hero+ (WIFI Enabled) – is this camera compatible with Track Attack (on Windows Phone which is what I am using?)

    Would I be better off with the Hero 4 Session? (Does that one work with Track Attack?)




    Steve Danielson

    At one time I thought I saw a blog post or video about GoPro hero and wifi with TrackAttack but I can’t seem to find it now. If anyone has the link please post it. Thanks!



    Charles Hurley

    Hi Steve, we haven’t created that How-To video yet but we will soon.

    Basically, just pair the phone and GoPro using the standard GoPro app. Once that is done and you can launch the GoPro app and see a live preview of the video from the GoPro, it’s all set.

    When you launch Track Attack and have the phone connected to the app via WiFi and go to start recording a session, the app will automatically use the GoPro as the video source.

    You’ll see on the Record Session screen the video source will change from ‘Rear’ to ‘GoPro’ and that’s it.

    When your session starts, the app will initiate recording on the GoPro and stop it when you hit ‘stop’. Right afterward, the app will prompt you if you want to transfer the video from the GoPro then or you can do it later.

    Once it’s done transferring, you can play back the session on the phone immediately.

    Note – there is one weird thing. SD card file formats limit files to be no bigger than 4GB. After 4GB, the GoPro will create another video file. The app currently doesn’t support a session having multiple video files. We’re working on this.

    Here is a workaround:
    1. change the video quality settings in the GoPro to 720p and 30fps. The quality is still great but this will keep the video size to the smallest possible.
    2. If you end up having multiple videos for a session, you can take them directly from the SD card in the GoPro. Edit them into a combined video using Windows Movie Maker using a setting that results in the video being smaller than 4GB. Put the video back on the SD card with the exact same name as the first video that was recorded in a session. Then initiate the transfer to the Track Attack app.

    Now it will work.


    Charles Hurley

    I’d personally go with the Hero+ regardless. Having the LCD screen to see the preview on the camera itself is super helpful.

    We’ll confirm this weekend if the Hero Session works with TA.

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