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    UPDATED: 9/15/2015 iOS devices running Track Attack can now use the Dual XGPS150A device.

    Dual is the only certified and authorized Bluetooth device that can be used with iOS devices to either sample at a higher rate than the iPhone (between 1-2x per second) or get a better location accuracy.

    Here is how to use the Dual XGPS150A with your iOS device:

    1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Dual device via the Bluetooth section in the iOS ‘Settings’.
    2. Download the standard Dual app from the app store.
    3. Launch the Dual app to confirm a connection from the device to the phone, that data is coming through and that the dual device has fixed a location.  This can take up to 1 minute, depending on the line of sight to the sky and weather conditions. If you are trying this indoors, it will have a high probability of not working.
    4. Launch Track Attack
    5. Go to record your session type – Track Attack will automatically detect that you have a Dual device connected and use that as the GPS source – nothing else to do.
    6. Record your session.
    7. Hit stop.
    8. That’s it!

    As mentioned about accessories in general, we highly recommend you make sure there is enough battery in the device to last your session OR you plug it into a power source.

    Once you review your session, you’ll clearly see the higher sample rate.

    Here is an example session that was recorded on track with an iPhone 6+ and the Dual XGPS150A. Note, the video is shaking really bad because the phone was hard mounted to the roll cage and race cars have a ton more vibrations than street cars.

    We currently don’t stock these on the Track Attack store, but they are easily purchased on Amazon (at least in the US) here: http://www.amazon.com/Dual-Electronics-XGPS150A-Universal-Bluetooth/dp/B006M49G80


    Update as of Monday, September 14th – the Track Attack 2.8 build has been approved by Apple which now includes compatibility with Dual XGPS150A device!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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