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    Current Version: 1.1.13

    Supported for Android devices running Android 4.0 and higher.  Additionally, while some devices might be able to run Android 4.0, the hardware specs are not as strong and will give a bad experience.  The GPS radio, CPU and camera’s not being as strong contribute to a choppy and inconsistent experience.  We suggest running Track Attack on a device such as Samsung Galaxy S4, similar or better quality.

    Known Issues

    • Crash: Intermittent crash after hitting ‘save’ for a completed session.  Root cause is unknown but data is saved and nothing is lost.
    • .CSV export feature currently does not include accelerometer data.
    • Optical Image Stabilization: Newer phones with optical image stabilization, being used to record in cars with high vibrations, such as full race cars may experience very unstable video quality (it jumps all over the place).  We are working on ways to limit this but much of this is from the physical optical image stabilizer.
    • Auto-Start: occasionally, auto-start will trigger inadvertently
    • Driver and Car Profile Picture: Users are not able to change their user or car profile pictures, even if they have set one on their profile page on
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