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    January 8, 2015 – Android version 1.2.0


    1. New lap timer view!

      • Based off of feedback from driver coaches, instructors and car clubs, we’ve added a new lap timer view.  Now you can select ‘nothing’, which then shows no lap times while you are recording the session.  You will simply see a screen that confirms the track, auto-start, gps frequency and a way to start the session.  Once you hit ‘start’ (or auto-start initiates the session) – press anywhere on the screen to stop the session.
      • This is all you'll see in the 'Nothing' lap timer view option. Once you start, the 'START' will turn to 'STOP'. You can press anywhere on the screen to stop recording and see your times.
      • Then you will be able to see the full session details and lap times, as before.
      • Note – there are other options as well.
        • Default: Shows a running lap timer, which flashes lap times for 5 seconds after each is completed.
        • Predictive Lap time: Updates the predicted lap time, based on where you are on the track, every 1 second.  It will also show a delta to your fastest lap time, based on that current position on the track.
        • Last Lap: After the first lap is completed, the app will flash the completed lap for 5 seconds and then statically display the last completed lap time until a new lap is completed.
        • Average Speed: Will update every 1 second, the average speed in that session and during that lap.

      Multiple options for the lap timer view while you are in the car.

    2. Auto-Upload Session Data (except video)

      • Track Attack will now automatically upload all session data files (except video) after a session is completed, if there is a detected internet connection.  This means that if you are running the Track Attack analytics app (for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 devices), you will automatically see your data there and can immediately start analyzing.
      • Note – users can upload the video over cellular data but they must manually initiate that upload, via the upload screen by pressing and holding the session and selecting (Force upload) from the menu that appears.
    3. Bug fixes for crashes and reported user issues

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